African Elephants Screensaver

African Elephants Screensaver

African Elephants Screensaver is a collection of images of this majestic animal
License type: Freeware

African Elephants Screensaver is a collection of beautiful images of this majestic animal which lives in the African Savannah. The images show elephants in their natural environment carrying out different activities such as resting, eating, having a bath, migrating, among others. The images are of excellent quality and of different sizes, but none of them fill the screen completely. They are shown with a different transition effect and they are shuffled, which means that you will see some images hundreds of times, while others only a few. Sadly, the screensaver doesn't include sounds or music, and neither can you add your own.

Unfortunately, none of the previously mentioned features can be customized. In fact, the Settings menu only shows a "Mute sounds" checkbox, which is obviously useless, and a sliding text with the screensaver's credits, terms and conditions, and description. This scrensaver should not be mistaken with one by the same developer called "The Great African Elephants", which is of course about elephants, but it includes different images.

In short, if you like elephants, African Elephants Screensaver can help you decorate your screen with amazing photographs completely for free.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Beautiful images
  • Free


  • No music or sounds
  • No customization options
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